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Wayne Baize 

Wayne Baize has shown an interest in art since his school days in Hamlin, Texas. He grew up just a few miles from the famous Swenson SMS Ranch near Stamford, Texas. After high school graduation, Wayne set up a drawing table at Luskey’s Western Store in Abilene where he worked on portraits of people and horses.

On his family stock farm, Wayne learned the value of a good horse and helped break colts as a youth. As he developed his artistic abilities, his dreams began to materialize when he realized he could make a living by depicting his favorite subject matter—the life of the contemporary cowboy and his animals.

With encouragement and critique from Western artist Tom Ryan, Baize began to focus on oil painting. He prefers to paint Hereford cattle because more expression is visible on their white faces. He often includes his own cattle in his paintings. Although cattle are included in the majority of his paintings, Wayne’s favorite subjects are his horses. He is especially talented when portraying a horse and is known for his ability to accurately portray their muscling and structure.

Wayne has gathered subject matter from famous ranches all across the country, including the Four Sixes Ranch and the 06 Ranch. His artwork has been featured in galleries and shows from New York to California. Wayne was invited to become a Cowboy Artist of America member in 1995 and has served as a director, vice-president and president. At the annual CAA art show, Baize has won a silver medal in drawing, the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association Award for Best Portrayal of a Cowboy Subject, and a gold medal in mixed media. He has won numerous other awards and his art has been featured in major magazines such as Western Horseman, The Cattleman, Quarter Horse Journal, The Hereford Journal, and Texas Monthly.

Wayne and his wife, Ellen, live in far West Texas on a small ranch near Fort Davis where they reared four children and run a small herd of registered Hereford cattle.

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