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Troy Menix

Troy Menix was born in West Texas and raised on the Fuller Brothers Ranch between Snyder and Post.  His father, who was the Foreman on this 36-section ranch, was quite the perfectionist. This is where Troy’s attention to detail began. 

During his time on the Fuller, he also day worked for other surrounding ranches.  He also enjoyed hunting, fishing, team roping, saddle bronc, and participating at several ranch rodeos in the ranch bronc riding.

Troy tried his hand at making his first pair of spurs when his budget wouldn’t allow him to buy what he really wanted.  He then built buckles for his head stall, some bits, and a belt buckle as well.  Other cowboys he worked with would begin to see his skills and soon asked Troy to build gear for them.   

From his initial beginner’s engraving class in Alpine to more recent classes of late, Troy has learned from many talented engravers such as Johnny Weyerts, Otto Carter, and Wes Griffith. Very recently, he has been able to spend more time engraving since resigning from the oilfield industry.  He now engraves 1911 pistols as well as his own handmade knives, bits, buckles, and spurs.  It’s not uncommon for Troy to have 100 hours or more engraving on his one of a kind pieces.

Troy Resides on his small ranch near Snyder, Texas with his wife Rachael.


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