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Sarah Harless

Sarah Harless draws attention to the simpler ways of life and the natural beauty of the western atmosphere provides a serene backdrop. “I like the more traditional ways of life and simplistic lifestyle when people lived off the land. We don’t get time back and it is vital to me to use my time wisely,” says the artist. “I think my artwork captures some of the old ways that are still part of a tradition and lifestyle from the earlier generations. There is an importance of the older ways of life that we seem to forget about today.” Harless pays tribute to the traditional beauty by photographing and painting the people, rain, livestock, and nature that are at the center of the natural gifts God gives us.


Harless’s use of light in her photography and painting helps highlight some the environmental attributes of the western land such as the dry dust in the air, low morning fog, or a long-awaited, oncoming rainstorm. She allows color to play a role to help express the variable mood of the scene. She explains, “Colors are similar to life. Sometimes life looks bright, sometimes it pushes and pulls you in many directions, and sometimes there are just shades of gray.” 

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