Texas style quirt

Artist Billy Albin


This Texas style quirt was made using rawhide from a white tail deer. All strands were cut using an Argentine strand cutter and hand beveled. The handle is braided using 48 strands in an over 4 under 4 pattern with a two-color interweave. The core of the handle is a metal rod which transitions into a twisted rawhide core for the body of the quirt. The body is braided with 30 strands. The transition from the handle to the body is reinforced with five strands of kangaroo leather. The popper is made of Hermann Oak harness leather and is attached to the body of the quirt with a folded rawhide loop that is very rigid. The popper is decorated with a braded rawhide applique. The knot covering the transition is an 8-bite herringbone tied with four strands. This is an original technique. All other knots are of the gaucho style. The wrist strap is braded with six strands of kangaroo made to resemble three strands. What makes this unique is that the smooth side is on the front and back. The wrist strap is attached to the handle with a rigid folded rawhide loop with a ring that can be attached to a snap on a saddle or leggings. 

Texas Style Quirt by Billy Albin

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