Braided rawhide headstall

Artist Billy Albin


This headstall was braided using rawhide from a whitetail deer. All strands were cut using an Argentine style strand cutter and hand beveled. The cheek pieces are an eight-strand braid, doubled back and laced together with a single rawhide strand with a bit connector on the end. The loops on the upper end of the cheek pieces are used to attach the leather strap for adjustment. The buckle is handmade with stainless steel and an engraved sterling silver overlay. The browband is also eight strands of rawhide doubled and laced with a single strand. The throat latch is a single eight-strand braid with adjustment knots. The knots above the bit connectors are seven-bite long knots with a herringbone pattern. All other knots are of the gaucho pattern. 

Braided Rawhide Headstall by Billy Albin

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