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Matt Rush

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Artist's Products

The man who takes good and makes it… GOODER!

Matt says, “You can do more, be more and have more than you ever thought possible, you just have to be willing to get over yourself to get there.”  


Matt was born and raised on a farm and ranch in Eastern New Mexico. From the time he was in the 8th grade he knew his life’s ambition was to become a motivational speaker and to raise commercial cattle. He spent his entire professional career perusing those goals.  Whenever the global pandemic annihilated his public speaking business, he knew he had to make an enormous pivot. With ample time on his hands, he began pursuing his secret lifelong dream of becoming a sculptor and creating artworks of bronze. Unbeknownst to him, a God given talent had been lying in wait for the right moment to sprout.  In his first year of creating, his artwork has already received national and international acclaim.


His Mission Statement is: To create works of art that investors would be proud to have in their home and keep for generations.


A Note from Matt, “When I took my first art lesson in the fall of 2020, I could have never dreamt what the result would become. From the beginning, I did not want to create art, I wanted to create an emotion. An emotion that is captured in bronze. An emotion that can touch someone’s soul and transcend art.”


Matt has served as the former CEO of the New Mexico Farm Bureau, served on the American Farm Bureau’s Foundation for Agriculture Board of Directors and been a partnering speaker with the Zig Ziglar family. He has been quoted in Bloomberg Business Weekly, NPR, PBS and ABC News. He and his beautiful wife Katy make their home in Levelland, TX.

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