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Laddan Ledbetter

Laddan Ledbetter grew up in Midland, Tx where he lived out his childhood in the city. Without a ranching background, it may seem a little odd to see Laddan involved in any facet of western culture, but his unique upbringing cultivated his creativity that has put his silver pieces in the hands of many friends and buyers. Laddan grew up in his father’s welding shop that most would know as Rabbit's Welding in Midland, Texas. Laddan found himself helping with any jobs that his father had whether in the shop or out in the field. It didn’t take long for him to find that same interest in metal fabrication that his father so passionately carried.


At age 9, Laddan was encouraged by family friends, Ann and Lindsey Smith, to start riding steers in Junior Rodeo. Without hesitation, he quickly jumped off the skateboard and onto something with horns and hair. He pursued riding bulls for 20 years, experiencing many great things along the trail; experiences that would lead to his passion for western lifestyle. The third piece to the puzzle: his mother’s creativity. She has always painted, drawn and shared that creativity with everyone. She always encouraged others to be creative and encompass their own individuality. With a background like this, he would later find himself able to create fun and unique heirlooms to be enjoyed for many years.


At the tail end of Laddan’s rodeo career, he began to ponder what to do next with life. His good rodeo friends encouraged him to pursue engraving and making bits, spurs, and buckles. In 2009 he built his first piece in Terry Starns buckle shop in Rainbow, Tx (Squaw Creek Silver). He quickly attended a weeklong class that taught the basics of engraving (Johnny Weyerts). Once back home, he began to gather up shop tools and dove into this new opportunity. It wasn’t long after this, he met Wilson Capron, Stewart Williamson, Mike Pardue, and Russell Yates, who were and have been very kind to share their knowledge and shops to help Laddan over the years.


Laddan soon realized that he didn’t have the experience or background to offer quality bits and spurs, so he shifted his focus and efforts on buckles and western jewelry. Fast forward to 2024, he has now honed in on creating pieces that utilize true silversmithing techniques while keeping western culture in mind. Laddan now lives in Christoval, TX where he takes pride in raising two amazing kids, Leddy and Lawson. He works for Texas Farm Bureau Insurance, serving the Tom Green County and those across the state of Texas for over 7 years. He wants to thank you for taking time to read this and hopes you enjoy his creativity. Instagram @ladled

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