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June Dudley

June Dudley grew up near the small town of Iola, Texas, in an area known as the river bottom where the Western attitude and ranching were lived every day. Cowboy lore was not just stories for the June, but everyday life for her family. A love of the land comes naturally, and today she owns the ranch that has been in her family for over 100 years and is recognized by the State of Texas. She cherishes the times she worked with her father on the ranch, which also gave her an appreciation of the Western way of life.

June began painting at the early age of around eight. Her earliest inspiration came from visits with an aunt who painted. The little artist was fascinated by the brushes and paints displayed in her aunt’s home and longed for her own. When her wish was granted, it was a dream-come-true for the little girl who knew she would one day become an artist.

With a combination of impressionism and realism, June’s favorite subjects have become landscapes. Using a colorful palette that brings the viewer into her scenes, she also favors figurative pieces that often include her grandchildren, other family members, and close friends. Garden scenes are prominent in her works having observed her mother grow beautiful flowers for as long as she can remember.


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