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Edgar Sotello

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Edgar Sotelo is a fourth-generation artist who paints vibrant, accurate depictions of ranch scenes, charreadas (Mexican rodeos), Western landscapes and portraits. Sotelo was born in Durango, Mexico, and came to the United States to attend Texas Tech University, where he graduated in 1988. He used his pencil drawings to help pay his college expenses.

Sotelo improves his oil painting techniques with annual workshops conducted by prestigious Cowboy Artists of America members Bruce Greene and Martin Grelle. He also has been mentored by cartist Roy Anderson. Because Sotelo believes in experiencing what you paint, he has gone to spring and fall roundups on West Texas ranches and taken thousands of photos as reference material for his paintings.

Sotelo lives in Sulphur Springs, Texas, with his wife, Michelle, and three daughters, where they raise top performance horse prospects at La Joya Quarter Horses. Sotelo was the 2014 Signature Artist for America's Horse in Art Show.


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