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Douglas Clark

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Douglas b. Clark is a Texas sculptor and painter who specializes in wildlife art. He has had a lifelong love of both art and wildlife. Clark prefers to work from life and his own photographs and field sketches.


Clark's work is greatly influenced by his extensive camping trips across the western united states and Canada. His favorite animals to depict, the longhorn, American bison or buffalo, and grizzly bear are all residents of this region. Clark’s sculptures capture the essential qualities and personality of each animal that he creates.


His work may be seen at the Acosta strong gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the adobe gallery and the Dow Gallery in Fort Worth, David Dike Fine Art in Dallas, Prellop Fine Art in Salado, the Insight Gallery in Fredericksburg, the White Buffalo in Glen Rose and the Beretta Galleries in Highland Park and New York City.


Clark's works are in corporate, university, public, and private collections.  He is a member of the national sculpture society, the Outdoor Painters Society, and the Texas Artists Coalition.  

Visit his website at

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