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Buddy Knight

Buddy Knight is a well-known blacksmith, cowboy, and silversmith. He made his first pair of spurs in his high school vocational agriculture class in Marfa, Texas, at the age of 14. Knight teaches welding to high school students in Kermit, Texas, but makes bits and spurs, belt buckles and jewelry in his spare time.

Knight has worked on ranches for over 40 years and began making bits and spurs when cowboying taught him the necessity of good quality working gear. Like many craftsmen, Knight began by studying other people’s work. In 1988, he furthered his knowledge through an apprenticeship with master spur maker Elmer Miller of Nampa, Idaho.

Knight specializes in contemporary cowboy-style bits and spurs of cold-rolled steel with sterling, copper, or brass overlays. He also produces hand-cut, hand-engraved, Western-style jewelry, conchos, and trim. He is featured in Ned and Jody Martin’s publication, Bits & Spurs: Motifs, Techniques and Modern Makers.

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