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Billy Klapper

Now in his sixth decade as a bit and spur maker, Billy Klapper is one of the few remaining spur-making giants trained in the old school of spur making by the legendary Adolph Bayers. He has made about 200 pairs of spurs a year and has more than 680 patterns in addition to accommodating custom spur designs.  

Working with a small coal forge in his Pampa, Texas, workshop, Klapper makes one-piece spurs from dawn until dusk. His dedication and the quality of his designs help them sell themselves. He is also one of the remaining makers that would be able to copy old designs from other makers or repair broken or damaged items or replace lost ones.

Klapper’s spurs are more than just a work of art; they are art that’s meant to work. Klapper knows from experience the wear and tear a cowboy can put on spurs, so he makes them rugged enough to hold up even if they're never worn and hung only on the wall.

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