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Benjamin Tolley

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Ben Tolley is a cowboy in southwest, on one of the largest ranches in the bootheel of New Mexico.  He lives at the SouthWell division headquarters with his wife and two children, just north of a map dot named Hachita.  Having always been enamored with the cowboy lifestyle, Ben has worked on numerous ranches in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado.   


Along with a love for the work he does, Ben also has a passion for good gear.  Good using gear is essential to a working cowboy; and what better way to acquire good gear than to build it yourself.  That is how Ben started braiding over a decade ago, building using gear for himself and local cowboys.  With time, his braiding has developed into a style some would classify as artwork, but even the fanciest pieces built are a functional piece of using gear.  All pieces are built with the anticipation of being used in the field and must be held to the highest standard, that being most often a discerning horseman!  

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