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Baru Forell

With a life-long passion for good horses, Baru Forell has been involved with horses her entire life. She grew up on the rural plains of northwest Kansas on land that had been in her family for four generations. Baru started competing at the age of 9 and barrel raced in her first adult amateur rodeo when she was 12. The horses she rides are the ones that she has bred, raised and trained in ranch versatility, working cow horse and stock horse competitions. She has won championships in those events and is a board member of several horse and cattle associations.


After a varied career that included five years as an intelligence analyst and linguist during the Gulf War and Bosnian Conflict, Baru began focusing on getting a place of her own where she could have horses. Baru quit barrel racing in 2000 and started breeding Quarter Horses after buying a ranch in 2001 outside Wingate, Texas.

In 2006 she began gaining considerable expertise as a silversmith. Baru makes buckles, bridle and saddle silver, bridle bits, scarf slides, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Her silversmith work has been seen at art and gear shows in Texas, California, Nevada, Wyoming, and Arizona.


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